• JERRY GRANELLI TRIO - Plays Vince Guaraldi & Mose Allison

    American/Canadian drummer Jerry Granelli is getting near his ninth decade of life and has made a name for himself as sideman to Vince Guaraldi ('Christmas Time Is Here') and to Mose Allison in the seventies. On this album he gives his own interpretation of two Guaraldi and five Allison pieces. Two of his own compositions and the traditional 'Baby Please Don't Go' complete the album. With a trio of drums, piano and bass he manages to create a set of pieces with an astonishing unity and flow. Pianist Jerry Shaft plays with a beautiful touch and creativity, Granelli and Bradley Christopher Jones on bass deliver equally creative rhythm parts that make the album swing in a very modern way without losing direction or disturbing the fantastic atmosphere of the album. This is far from straight stride, but nevertheless very accessible because of the natural way the melodies are build around the prominent rhythms that never get in the way of the harmonic movement. Beautiful album! (Geert Ryssen)

    Released on June 26 on RareNoiseRecords - www.rarenoiserecords.com

  • SONAR - Tranceportation Vol.2

    This Swiss quartet celebrates its ten year existence with the second part of 'Tranceportation' on which they are joined again by experimental guitarist David Torn who has been associated with many different big names (Bowie, Madonna, Jeff Beck, King Crimson, etc.). That makes three guitars, one bass and one drums. Four long instrumental tracks create different rhythmic soundscapes that have a subtle trance character and atmospheric passages. The music has a texture that is more complex than it seems at first sight and all five musicians play an essential part in creating these beautiful pieces of modern cross-over music that is based on improvisation and live recording. When listening without too much notice there's a perception of minimalism, but that's a false impression. The playing is full of subtle variation and tension. Dispite its modernism, the album spreads warm vibes and a feeling of harmony in space. (Geert Ryssen)

    Released on RareNoiseRecords on June 26 - www.rarenoiserecords.com

    David Thorn (e-guitar, looping)
    Stephan Thelen & Bernard Wagner (tritone guitar)
    Christian Kuntner (tritone bass)
    Manual Pasquinelli (drums, percussion)

  • ANDREAS WILLERS 7 OF 8 - The Goldman Variations

    The discography and list of international musicians with which the German guitarist Andreas Willers has recorded testify to a rich musical career. 'The Goldman Variations', which is divided into twelve pieces, is part of his quest to broaden and renew the language of European jazz. The album is a fascinating and exciting palette of sounds, rhythms and compositional delights full of variation and challenging, exciting twists with which he pays tribute to the title of this work. Willers doesn't look for the spotlight himself, but offers space to every musician. Thus the pieces sound like nicely consolidated compositions. As a guitarist he searches for a broad and innovative spectrum of sounds which puts him in line with the great contemporary jazz and impro guitarists. Brilliant work!
    (Geert Ryssen)

    Released on Jazzwerkstatt

    Matthias Schubert (tenor sax), Florian Bergmann (clarinet, bass-clarinet), Nicolas Neuser (trumpet), Andreas Willers (guitar), Meinrad Kneer (double bass), Christian Marien (drums, percussion), Jan Lukas RossMüller (syntheziser)

  • SONORIA - Live In Pisa

    The Italian quartet Sonoria was recorded live at Pisa Jazz on April 28, 2019. Their set consists of two long improvised pieces that create a flow of sounds that evoque transformation. There's no real structure or melody, but it's a wonderful development of sound art with four instruments that create a consistent flow even in the percussive passages. Some parts refer to industrial sounds that are wonderfuly transformed into music with a sense of direction.That way an ambient feel is created but it's far from wallpaper! The interplay really matters and creates intriguing atmospheres and controled tension. Wonderful! Released on Evil Rabbit Records (Geert Ryssen)


    Cosimo Fiaschi - soprano sax

    Alessandro Giachero - piano, prepared piano

    Emanuele Guadagno - electric guitar

    Nicholas Remondino - drums, live electronics

  • MEINRAD KNEER - Vocabularies

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  • MIA ZABELDA - Myasmo

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SOPHIE TASSIGNON - Mysteries Unfold

The first solo album by Sophie Tassignon is literally what it says: a real solo work crafted with her magnificent voice and electronic devices to create loops and harmonies as an enrichment of her vocal performance. This exceptional singer has a real multi-cultural mindset, speaks several languages and uses those qualities and competences in her artistic expression. The album consists of four own compositions and four totally individual interpretations of songs and pieces by Dolly Parton, Russian bard Yuliy Chersanovich Kim, Antonio Vivaldi and Cowboy Junkies. I’ve never heard a version of Parton’s ‘Jolene’ with such a depth and beauty! Some of the songs hold references to what she does with Azolia and other passages remind of the sound performance she did for ‘Licht – Raum – Erkundungen’, the light installation of Margareta Hesse. The variation between the pieces brings the listener in all kinds of moods, from lightness and playfulness to dreamy and spacey soundscapes. Throughout this variation there’s a consistency that makes the album sound as one whole with a natural flow. All one hears is voice(s) aided by some electronics and one doesn’t get bored for a second. This is an exceptional work of beautiful esthetics, performance and expression of an authentic artist. Give it a listen. True art. So pure. So individual and yet so universal. (Geert Ryssen)

Available on cd, vinyl and digital

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