HUBRIS - Metempsychosis

Metempsychosis is the third album by Swiss instrumental post-rock quartet Hubris. The core of their sound is a poetic atmosphere with ups and downs in tempo and sounds. The band states that 'Metempsychosis' explores the circle of life and death, reincarnation and rebirth. So they do telling the story of different characters of Greek mythology. One of them is Heracles which is the sixth piece on the album, devided in twelve parts evoking the different stages in his life. The music is very intimate and creates a light and subtle ambient mood without disappearing in the background, without losing attention. One of the musical references may be Sigur Ros, but Hubris really manages to stand on its own. Album release (digital, cd an vinyl): March 18, 2020. Check on (Geert Ryssen)

COINMEN - Wasting Daylight

Coinmen is a new Belgian rockband that grew out of the ashes of progressive rock band Soulivian. Both singer Peter Vrancx (vocals/harmonica) and Erik Van Hoof (guitar) were joined by new members Regi Gysemans (guitar), Jo Vandenhouten (bass), Bert De Ryck (drums) and Lien Bosmans (backing vocals). They went looking for a new musical horizon ad they found one in heavy, melodic classic rock with a touch of American blues- and country-rock roots. The eight songs on this debut (January 2020) show a band that plays with passion and a healthy drive. These are seasoned musicians that know their craft. The songs are good and have enough variation to keep the listen interesting. It would be easy to call them a retro-band, but that wouldn't be fair as they never give the impression to copy anyone. They just have written eight balsy songs that are performed with conviction and musicallity. So let's say this is just Coinmen as they are. Give these guys a stage on our festivals! (Geert Ryssen)