VELVET VIPER - Musiktheater Piano, Dortmund (D), 10.01.2020

Unfortunately we arrived too late to see the full set of support band Dawn Of Destiny, but they went down well with the crowd. We took the long trip from Belgium to Dortmund to fullfil a dream: seeing singer JUTTA WEINHOLD live in action. With her band VELVET VIPER she just released a new album and combined new songs with a very good selection of her repertoire, also from a previous band Zed Yago. Jutta is a full and hot blooded performer with a strong voice and a tremendous control over it. She's backed up by equally strong musicians. With only guitar, bass and drums and the wonderful Jutta, this band brings two hours of pure musical joy. Heavy? Yes, but also clear and tight. This band is so good !!! What a shame that Velvet Viper can't break out of its home country. They should be on the international stages. Jutta is 72 springs young and still has more power and class than many younger singers. She loves music, she loves her audience, she loves her band and projects all this love with joy and pure musicality to the spectators. Top concert !!! (Geert Ryssen)