Gorilla Mask, Lokerse Jazzclub, Lokeren (B), April 20, 2019

On the final night of their mini tour in Belgium and The Netherlands, Gorilla Mask plays for a well filled and enthousiastic Lokerse Jazzclub. A nice accomodation with a good sound. The trio is currently working on its fourth album and tonight we get an almost complete new set trying out the new pieces. The combination of composed themes and free improvisation is still the trademark of the band but the new pieces involve more electronics with a rumbling and droning bass and haunting rhythms. It's an important step forward for the band which puts them in the league of hot new and energetic cross-over jazzbands combining free improvisation with a rock timbre. Saxplayer Peter Van Huffel really blows his horn with passion and sounds like a controlled explosion. The new pieces are full of variation, sound imaginative and powerful. Gorilla Mask played two one hour sets and I didn't get bored for one second! Neither was the crowd that yelled for an encore (and got one). Put these guys on the stages of our big festivals! They will blow a fuse! (Geert Ryssen)

What a show, what a great tribute to the late Jon Hiseman and his beloved wife Barbara Thompson. Four hours of top musicians playing top music !!! Thank you Ana Gracey & Hiseman family for having us !!!

The End …