BAARS/KNEER/ELGART - Konfrontationen Nickelsdorf 2012 - ERR22

The first release of 2018 by Evil Rabbit Records. Very intense free-jazz by an inventive trio: Ab Baars on sax, clarinet and shakuhachi, Meinrad Kneer on double bass and Bill Elgart on drums. These recordings were made at the adventurous Konfrontationen Festival in Austria. This performance was appreciated as one of the very best at the 2012 edition. Now it is released for everyone to hear. The interplay between the three musicians is fascinating and holds a lot of tension. This is not the kind of music that sounds entertaining or that is meant for background. It demands intense listening and empathy to go with the flow of this musical conversation. Sometimes subtle, sometimes chaotic, sometimes dazzling ... The corpus of this performance are two suites, just called Nickelsdorf Suite #1 and #2 and some kind of coda named 'Nickelsdorf Fantasia'. This album makes another fine addition to the unique Evil Rabbit Records catalogue. (GR)

On Evil Rabbit Records

Evil Rabbit Records was created by Dutch pianist Albert van Veenendaal and German bassist Meinhard Kneer. Both are active in contemporary jazz and music in general. Evil Rabbit Records is not only an outlet for their own works, but also for other contemporary musicians that have a link with (free)jazz or experimental music. The label is more than just an outlet for music, but works with graphic artist Lysander le Coultre and photgrapher Monique Besten. Together they create an integrated art product. Music and artwork are combined in an unique way though material, format and image. (click on covers to see full image) The cd covers are square, matt black, fold-open, die-cut and every insert has an unique photo by Besten that evocates the atmosphere of the album. So far the label has twenty-six titles, although one remains unreleased. Today the label is run only by Meinrad Kneer who's discography is much broader than the Evil Rabbit releases. A lot of his recordings are available on other labels. This page is exclusively reserved for the Evil Rabbit imprint. It is my intention to collect and cover all releases by the label. Here are the first nine. (GR)