Rock & Metal Reviews 2019

26. Oct, 2019

Swiss band Silver Dust is currently touring Europe with Moonspell and doing so, they have a very good album to promote. 'House 21' is their third full cd and a very enjoyable effort. Modern melodic metal with a theatrical touch, some alternative influences, dark melodies, lots of diversity in the songs and a very powerfull sound, good singing, great arrangements and strong compositions. The album was already released in 2018, but merits the attention of hardrock en metal lovers. Great effort !!! (Geert Ryssen)

5. Oct, 2019

Looking at the cover of this debut, one wonders what to expect. Punk? Rockabilly? Hardcore? ... Not! This young German trio delivers a set of fresh, heavy and energetic rock songs. The spirit of the eigties and nineties wades through their music, but most of all it's their young enthousiasm that makes this also an album of the 21st century. Sometimes they sound like Bon Jovi on speed injected with some alternative influences. The band consists of Sam and Tim Jäger plus drummer Arian Gerhardt. The guys know each other since childhood and feel like real brothers, which explains the album title. Sam has a rough voice that doesn't get in the way of the melodic songs. If they manage to present this fire and energy on stage, they will go a long way, having both the looks and the content. (Geert Ryssen)

30. Sep, 2019

TREP was formed in 2017 in British town Cardiff. The trio released their demo of Silence Of Crowns as a single in January 2919 and the track is also part of this 5-track EP which was released in March 2019. The melodic alternative metal/rock songs stand out because of the harmony singing in combination with heavy riffs and power drumming. Fans of bands like Kings X should give Trep a listen. Stone Sour may be another reference for the style of TREP. Absolutely promising stuff! (GR)

20. Aug, 2019

Sabaton is a very popular Swedish melodic heavy metal band that divides the metal community in believers and non-believers. Their mission is to make albums about warfare, not from a political or idiological point of view, but from a historic view and from the side of the soldiers who fought the wars all over the world. They don't care about sides, but about the tragic situations or the heroic stories of soldiers in a war situation. Sabaton do not glorify warfare, but follow the footsteps of it's actors on the ground, in the fields, in the battle. On the ninth studio album they wrote songs about the "Great War" that ended a hundred years ago. The regular lp/cd has eleven songs dealing with different battlefields and situations in that terrible war. Musically Sabaton stick to their familiar and recognisable style with some nice new touches in the arrangements. The album ends with the famous poem by McRae 'In Flanders Fields", set to choral music by singer Joachim Bröden. Sabaton delivers a great album about the so called Great War. With a cost of hundreds of thousands lives, not so "great" after all ... (GR) (PS. there's a second "History Editon" of this album with narration about the historic background of the songs.) 

15. Jun, 2019

Tom De Wit, leader and mastermind of Dutch band Dreamwalkers Inc. has been working before as TDW and released music under that moniker. He's also been reworking the music more than once and now he's changed the bandname to Dreamwalkers Inc. He took the basis of previous recorded music and formed a completely new band. Tom sings, plays guitar and keyboards and surrounds himself with whoever is nessecary to develop his ideas, so we have extra guitarists, a keyboard player, a rhythm section and a full choir. Musically he labels the music as "symphonic progressive metal'. Modern progmetal elements are well blend with the progressive styles of the previous century. The eight songs are well structured and the arrangements are well played. His method is a kind of "work in progress" and Tom De Wit has found the definitive way to play this compositions. The melodies and compositions are strong, the arrangements are inventive and a joy to listen to. A lot of progressive metal tends to be overwhelming and lacks transparence and variety. Not Dreawalkers Inc.! 'First Re-draft' is a well balanced record with a lot of light and shade. Well done! (Geert Ryssen)