21. Dec, 2020

LIQUORWORKS - Spezialist

If you think that there's no more room in metal for originality, you should listen to Liquorworks from Finland. Basically the band is a duo with Kosti Aho (Composer, Programming, Guitar) and  Panu-Pekka Rauhala (Composer, Programming, Keyboards & Synths). Hakim Hietikko is guest vocalist on three pieces and Ville Suorsa plays a guitar solo on 'Uranium Monkey'. From the first moment this sounds overwheming impressive! It's astonishing what these guys can do with their instruments and elektronics. It sounds like a full band producing some of the most interesting, powerful and well-crafted (mostly instrumental) progressive metal I've heard in a long time. This is heavy but also civilised. The production has all the clarity and transparency it needs to provide a very listenable session with complex compositions that take you away on a musical trip like a whirlwind! Hearin' is believin'! (Geert Ryssen)