7. Dec, 2019

VELVET VIPER - The Pale Man Is Holding A Broken Heart

Thank God that singer Jutta Weinhold (Zed Yago) is still active. After Zed Yago she formed Velvet Viper, but after two albums all went quiet after 1992. Well, she made some solo albums in Germany. Two years ago she started touring again with Velvet Viper and released a third album. The momentum is regained and this fourth album shows she has lost none of her talent and strength. Dramatic epic metal is still her trademark and Tommy Newton at the controls creates a firm clear 'in your face' sound. Her voice and phrasing are instantly recognizable and the eleven new songs are mostly inspired by literature, theater, opera, sagas, myths and the bible. Besides permanent members Holger Marx (guitar) and Johannes Möller (bass) there's drummer Michael Ehre (Gamma Ray, The Unity) who does a very fine job. This is one hell of a metal album with the unique Jutta Weinhold in top condition! And don't get fooled by the cover. This is pure classic heavy metal with a very individual twist. (Geert Ryssen)