4. Nov, 2019

MIRRORPLAIN - Lost In Paradise

The second album by German band Mirrorplain is nothing less than a very exciting record. The cross-over between metal and alternative melodic rock is brought to a higher level with eleven new songs that take you away from start to finish, well ... there are some lesser moments but they are few. The functional use of keyboards gives the band and extra dimension that adds to the great sound of the band. The overall impression by listening to this piece of mastery is one of solidity, power, emotion and energy. The sound is great and the flow of the album is very good. This is an album that I like to play over and over again. This is a firm contender for my top albums of the year! (Geert Ryssen)

Mirrorplain is:

Vocals - Christian Döring
Guitar - Jeremy Vollmert
Guitar - Jan Ackerschott
Bass - Sascha Drendel
Keys - Kevin Ax
Drums / Backing Vocals - Nikolas "Uli" Hoffmann