5. Oct, 2019

SPY # ROW - Blood Brothers

Looking at the cover of this debut, one wonders what to expect. Punk? Rockabilly? Hardcore? ... Not! This young German trio delivers a set of fresh, heavy and energetic rock songs. The spirit of the eigties and nineties wades through their music, but most of all it's their young enthousiasm that makes this also an album of the 21st century. Sometimes they sound like Bon Jovi on speed injected with some alternative influences. The band consists of Sam and Tim Jäger plus drummer Arian Gerhardt. The guys know each other since childhood and feel like real brothers, which explains the album title. Sam has a rough voice that doesn't get in the way of the melodic songs. If they manage to present this fire and energy on stage, they will go a long way, having both the looks and the content. (Geert Ryssen)