20. Aug, 2019

SABATON - The Great War

Sabaton is a very popular Swedish melodic heavy metal band that divides the metal community in believers and non-believers. Their mission is to make albums about warfare, not from a political or idiological point of view, but from a historic view and from the side of the soldiers who fought the wars all over the world. They don't care about sides, but about the tragic situations or the heroic stories of soldiers in a war situation. Sabaton do not glorify warfare, but follow the footsteps of it's actors on the ground, in the fields, in the battle. On the ninth studio album they wrote songs about the "Great War" that ended a hundred years ago. The regular lp/cd has eleven songs dealing with different battlefields and situations in that terrible war. Musically Sabaton stick to their familiar and recognisable style with some nice new touches in the arrangements. The album ends with the famous poem by McRae 'In Flanders Fields", set to choral music by singer Joachim Bröden. Sabaton delivers a great album about the so called Great War. With a cost of hundreds of thousands lives, not so "great" after all ... (GR) (PS. there's a second "History Editon" of this album with narration about the historic background of the songs.)