15. Jun, 2019


Tom De Wit, leader and mastermind of Dutch band Dreamwalkers Inc. has been working before as TDW and released music under that moniker. He's also been reworking the music more than once and now he's changed the bandname to Dreamwalkers Inc. He took the basis of previous recorded music and formed a completely new band. Tom sings, plays guitar and keyboards and surrounds himself with whoever is nessecary to develop his ideas, so we have extra guitarists, a keyboard player, a rhythm section and a full choir. Musically he labels the music as "symphonic progressive metal'. Modern progmetal elements are well blend with the progressive styles of the previous century. The eight songs are well structured and the arrangements are well played. His method is a kind of "work in progress" and Tom De Wit has found the definitive way to play this compositions. The melodies and compositions are strong, the arrangements are inventive and a joy to listen to. A lot of progressive metal tends to be overwhelming and lacks transparence and variety. Not Dreawalkers Inc.! 'First Re-draft' is a well balanced record with a lot of light and shade. Well done! (Geert Ryssen) www.dreamwalkersinc.com