4. Apr, 2019

CYGNUS ATRATUS - The Empyrean Heaven

Cygnus Atratus finds its origin in Belgian progressive band Cygnus. The expanded name is the monicker for a musical direction that incorporates more metal elements. In 2015 guitarist Erik Callaerts and bass player Benny Vercammen decided to take a new and fresh direction. After the EP 'The First Hour' (a way af testing the water), the duo changed the line-up and started working with drummer Kjell De Raes and guest singer Marieke Bresseleers who has a lot of credibility from her work with Circle Unbroken and as the new singer of internationally acclaimed band Lords Of Acid. Keyboards were handled by JP Kerkhofs.  'The Empyrean Heaven' is a minor masterpiece in the genre. The album has beautiful compositions embedded in strong arrangements with a lot of light and shade and the flow is perfect. There are subtle metal influences and powerful rocking parts, but above all this is a genuine piece of modern progressive rock, rooted in the rich past of the genre, but with two feet in the second decade of the 21st century. I've never heard Bresseleirs sing so convincing as on this album and the atmosphere is one of total beauty throughout. Callaerts plays some great guitar and the sound is contemporary symphonic. The layout is of equal quality and gives the album the artistic presentation it deserves. The album can be ordered through the website of the band (http://cygnusprogmetalweb.com/index.html). This is a totally self-produced, self-released album of high quality. Real music by real people! Hope some label picks this up. (Geert Ryssen)