28. Mar, 2019

BLACK PEAKS - All That Divides

On the eve of the release of their first album in 2016, British Brighton based progressive/alternative metal band Shrine changed its name to Black Peaks. 'All That Divides' was released in october 2018 and brings a harsh mixture of extreme screaming vocals and clean melodic passages. One thing is for sure: this is an adventurous band that grabs your attention, no matter what. It takes a while to get into their music, but once one listens with an open mind, there's a lot to be discovered. I saw the band described as "Oceansize meets Mastodon". Well, I think that's a good indicator for what one will get to hear, but Black Peaks has its own flavour. On April 30 they start a European tour. Dates can be found on the website (www.blackpeaks.com) (Geert Ryssen)