28. Mar, 2019

ALMøST HUMAN - XS2XTC (Fastball Music)

Metal has a wide range of styles and now and then a record grabs your attention without being in your favorite style. Swiss metallers Almøst Human are around in one form or another since the nineties, but 'XS2XTC/XS4XTC' is their first full album. Their blending of extreme metal with classic rock energy delivers a very exciting and fascinating album. Their songs sound harsh, raw and brutal, but still there's a classic touch to their riffs and grooves. There's melody, emotion and a lot of passion in their performances that lifts the band to a higher level. Thematicaly the band focusses on the place of human beings in the wide range of "animals". This is not meant for romantic or sensitive souls, but if you like some adventure or exploration of unknown territory, Almøst Human may be your servant. (Geert Ryssen)