3. Nov, 2018

EMERALD SUN - Under The Curse of Silence (Fastball Music)

So far we’ve read some quite negative reactions towards this album. We do not agree. Okay, this is not a band with ‘original’ music, but they practice a genre and they do it with conviction and credibility although singer Stelios Tsakiridis has this typical euro-phrasing and that sounds a bit annoying on certain passages, but nothing to put us off. This fourth album is produced by current Rage guitarist Marcos Rodriguez and sounds great. On ‘Blast’ they even have Rage frontman Peavy Wagner on lead vocals! The guitar parts are fluent, energetic and sometimes impressive, the drive of the rhythm section is all over the place. The songs are standard melodic metal melodies, but nevertheless enjoyable. Their metal arrangement of Irene Cara’s ‘Fame’ sounds okay although it takes away the magic of the original. This is a good genre album that we like to spin again. (Geert Ryssen)