1. Oct, 2018

INNER CORE - Soultaker (Echozone)

The German Echozone label has an adventurous choice of bands. Without losing attention for accessibility, they have a varied and progressive roster with a modern twist. Inner Core is a band that fits exactly into that category with melodic songs and keyboard-sustained arrangements with an aura of post-rock around it without losing the sense of classic/symphonic rock. Singer Anna Rogg has a recognisable voice and the band behind her plays the perfect kind of arrangements to complement the colour of het voice. The guitars are heavy, but never earsplitting and they are mixed to serve the overall sound. The songs are very melodic in the first place, but they also have an epic feel to them. The production of this debut album is top. Inner Core really is a band to explore. (Geert Ryssen)

Line-up: Anna Rogg: vocals; Artur Schall: Keyboards, vocals; Riccardo Echeverria: bass, acoustic guitar; Massimo Giardiello: guitar; Stefan Zimmerling: drums, percussion.