15. Dec, 2018

THE CASCADES - Phoenix (Echozone)

Last year The Cascades released 'Diamonds And Rust', an excellent compilation of their first five albums with some extra unreleased material. It was also the launch of a renewed collaboration between the original members of the band.The new opus of the German gothic trio has the perfect title. The Phoenix rises again with a collection of brand new songs that continue the tradition of powerful and deep-sounding gothic pieces. The voice of Marcus Wild is an essential element in the sound of the band, the songs are fluid and well written with very good arrangements captured in a perfect production. More than once the atmosphere reminds of the Berlin period of David Bowie, but with some extra drama and heaviness in the arrangements. 'Phoenix' is a dreamrecord for fans of 'classic' gothic rock. Vocals: M.W Wild, guitars: Moreintes daSilva, keyboards and programming: Marcus Müller. (Geert Ryssen)