22. Nov, 2018

STEORRAH - The Altstadt Abyss (Fast Ball Music)

Steorrah is a German band from Westfalen. It's history is rooted in death/black metal band Catharsis but as Steorrah, 'The Alstadt Abyss' is already the third album. Steorrah broadens its musical spectrum by introducing elements of progressive rock, doom and even jazz. Most fans of progressive rock will turn away from the band because of the grunty death metal vocals, but by doing so they will miss a lot of musical pleasure. 'The Altstadt Abyss' is a very musical album with a lot of light and shade and one makes a musical journey along the seven pieces clocking in between three and eleven minutes. All kinds of colours and spheres are developped and there's even some very poetic piano and guitar. On the title track clean vocals are used which also brings some release from the dark and painful grunts. This band manages to find a perfect fusion of extreme metal and listenable and thrilling compositions. Top album in its genre! (Geert Ryssen)