19. Nov, 2018

UNDER - Stop Being Naive (APF Records)

If there's a genre called "nightmare metal", then British trio Under are real contenders. For those who know and like Belgian band Amenra, this will be an interesting discovery. Elements of doom, sludge, avantgarde and extreme metal are mixed in a blender with sharp knives. Their music is treatening and fascinating and not for sensitive souls. The harsh vocals sound like a horror movie, their heavy riffs drone through the room. This being said, there are also enough variation and inventive passages to keep the record interesting. There's even some vocal passages sung with a clean voice. The guitar intro of 'Big Joke' makes me think of the late Peter Banks who was a totally different matter. 'Stop Being Naive' is Under's second full cd and should give these guys the opportunity to break out of their Manchester home. References given by the band themselves: The Melvins, Swans, Dillinger Escape Plan, Mr. Bungle. Have a scary day & night! (Geert Ryssen)