12. Nov, 2018

SNEW - You've Got Some Nerve (independent release)

'You've Got Some Nerve' is the fourth offering by Los Angeles band SNEW. They are a five piece with singer, two guitars, bass and drums. The music can be classified as classic hard rock with a dose of contemporary energy. So they the are melting the legacy of bands like AC/DC and Nazareth with the eigties/nineties raw but accessible L.A. rock of bands like Junkyard or Love/Hate. Snew has build a reputation of good sounding records and that counts for this one too. This is high octane rock that has an instant impact. It's classic no-nonsense hardrock without sounding dated or derivative. Singer and frontman Curtis Don Vito has a strong and rasping voice in the league of the Brian Johnsons and Dan McCaffertys of this world and that's quite a reference! This is a top hardrock album from a band that deserves to break throught the barriers of the music industry! (Geert Ryssen)