Rock & Metal Reviews 2019

21. Dec, 2020

If you think that there's no more room in metal for originality, you should listen to Liquorworks from Finland. Basically the band is a duo with Kosti Aho (Composer, Programming, Guitar) and  Panu-Pekka Rauhala (Composer, Programming, Keyboards & Synths). Hakim Hietikko is guest vocalist on three pieces and Ville Suorsa plays a guitar solo on 'Uranium Monkey'. From the first moment this sounds overwheming impressive! It's astonishing what these guys can do with their instruments and elektronics. It sounds like a full band producing some of the most interesting, powerful and well-crafted (mostly instrumental) progressive metal I've heard in a long time. This is heavy but also civilised. The production has all the clarity and transparency it needs to provide a very listenable session with complex compositions that take you away on a musical trip like a whirlwind! Hearin' is believin'! (Geert Ryssen)

7. Dec, 2019

Thank God that singer Jutta Weinhold (Zed Yago) is still active. After Zed Yago she formed Velvet Viper, but after two albums all went quiet after 1992. Well, she made some solo albums in Germany. Two years ago she started touring again with Velvet Viper and released a third album. The momentum is regained and this fourth album shows she has lost none of her talent and strength. Dramatic epic metal is still her trademark and Tommy Newton at the controls creates a firm clear 'in your face' sound. Her voice and phrasing are instantly recognizable and the eleven new songs are mostly inspired by literature, theater, opera, sagas, myths and the bible. Besides permanent members Holger Marx (guitar) and Johannes Möller (bass) there's drummer Michael Ehre (Gamma Ray, The Unity) who does a very fine job. This is one hell of a metal album with the unique Jutta Weinhold in top condition! And don't get fooled by the cover. This is pure classic heavy metal with a very individual twist. (Geert Ryssen)

5. Nov, 2019

Dirty Ol' Crow is a fivepiece residing in Londen and consisting of two Germans, two Italians and a Latvian. International, European and hopefully brexit proof! 😉 This debut EP has six songs and gives a good impression what this band is about: heavy, dirty, groovy, hard rock with a southern/desert feel and even references to heavy sleaze and glam rock. The songs, the recording quality, sound and overall impression about this selfreleased record are very promising. At this moment, the band is recording its first full album and we are looking forward to more of this kind of steaming stuff! (Geert Ryssen)

4. Nov, 2019

Red Dead Roadkill is a female fronted band from Hamburg that was born out of the ashes of Roadkill. Only remaining member Bob Lee went to Australia for a period of contemplation and returned with a bag of energy and reformed his former band with new members. Nevertheless the album was recorded as a solo effort with Lee playing guitar, bass, keyboards and singing backing vocals (and some duet passages). Singer Radd did the lead vocals with a very distinct rock voice. She does a great job! Some guest musians were brought in to complete the recordings which were guided by Roland Grapow of Helloween en Masterplan fame. This guarantees a great ballsy sound for the twelve flashing pop-metal songs that sound heavy, energertic and fresh. On the back of this album, Lee has build a new band who's playing live regulary in the Hamburg area. Judging by this album they should widen their scope as the quality of this album shows a band with international potential. (Geert Ryssen)

4. Nov, 2019

The second album by German band Mirrorplain is nothing less than a very exciting record. The cross-over between metal and alternative melodic rock is brought to a higher level with eleven new songs that take you away from start to finish, well ... there are some lesser moments but they are few. The functional use of keyboards gives the band and extra dimension that adds to the great sound of the band. The overall impression by listening to this piece of mastery is one of solidity, power, emotion and energy. The sound is great and the flow of the album is very good. This is an album that I like to play over and over again. This is a firm contender for my top albums of the year! (Geert Ryssen)

Mirrorplain is:

Vocals - Christian Döring
Guitar - Jeremy Vollmert
Guitar - Jan Ackerschott
Bass - Sascha Drendel
Keys - Kevin Ax
Drums / Backing Vocals - Nikolas "Uli" Hoffmann