Rock & Metal Reviews

15. Dec, 2018

Last year The Cascades released 'Diamonds And Rust', an excellent compilation of their first five albums with some extra unreleased material. It was also the launch of a renewed collaboration between the original members of the band.The new opus of the German gothic trio has the perfect title. The Phoenix rises again with a collection of brand new songs that continue the tradition of powerful and deep-sounding gothic pieces. The voice of Marcus Wild is an essential element in the sound of the band, the songs are fluid and well written with very good arrangements captured in a perfect production. More than once the atmosphere reminds of the Berlin period of David Bowie, but with some extra drama and heaviness in the arrangements. 'Phoenix' is a dreamrecord for fans of 'classic' gothic rock. Vocals: M.W Wild, guitars: Moreintes daSilva, keyboards and programming: Marcus Müller. (Geert Ryssen)

6. Dec, 2018

Me Against The World is a new German metal band. First of all this is a very professional debut: the sound is top, good production, songs that appeal for attention and enough variation to keep the album interesting. The band claims influences from Metallica, Iron Maiden, System of A Down to Queen and the progressive side of The Beatles. Who can go wrong with that? Although the songs have progressive structures, they are still accessible and have a natural flow. The vocal timbre adds a dash of darkness to the sound and the instrumental arrangements are full of thrilling riffs and grooves. So this is an interesting debut of a band that must be able to move some souls and bodies in a live situation! (Geert Ryssen)

22. Nov, 2018

Steorrah is a German band from Westfalen. It's history is rooted in death/black metal band Catharsis but as Steorrah, 'The Alstadt Abyss' is already the third album. Steorrah broadens its musical spectrum by introducing elements of progressive rock, doom and even jazz. Most fans of progressive rock will turn away from the band because of the grunty death metal vocals, but by doing so they will miss a lot of musical pleasure. 'The Altstadt Abyss' is a very musical album with a lot of light and shade and one makes a musical journey along the seven pieces clocking in between three and eleven minutes. All kinds of colours and spheres are developped and there's even some very poetic piano and guitar. On the title track clean vocals are used which also brings some release from the dark and painful grunts. This band manages to find a perfect fusion of extreme metal and listenable and thrilling compositions. Top album in its genre! (Geert Ryssen)

19. Nov, 2018

If there's a genre called "nightmare metal", then British trio Under are real contenders. For those who know and like Belgian band Amenra, this will be an interesting discovery. Elements of doom, sludge, avantgarde and extreme metal are mixed in a blender with sharp knives. Their music is treatening and fascinating and not for sensitive souls. The harsh vocals sound like a horror movie, their heavy riffs drone through the room. This being said, there are also enough variation and inventive passages to keep the record interesting. There's even some vocal passages sung with a clean voice. The guitar intro of 'Big Joke' makes me think of the late Peter Banks who was a totally different matter. 'Stop Being Naive' is Under's second full cd and should give these guys the opportunity to break out of their Manchester home. References given by the band themselves: The Melvins, Swans, Dillinger Escape Plan, Mr. Bungle. Have a scary day & night! (Geert Ryssen)

12. Nov, 2018

Florian Grey is the name of the singer and also the name of the band. Grey has a deep and romantic baritone voice that fits perfectly for the musical style the band operates in. Twelve songs and one instrumental follow each other in a very natural flow. Sometimes gothic, sometimes industrial, but always catchy and digestible. On top of that the band have a great sound. We’ve heard things like this before, but Grey really makes everything sound so natural that it becomes like a synthesis of this kind of dark romantic music. The darkness is never scary and always full of pure aesthetics. Grey manages to refine his art on this second album which is an excellent genre record with a surprising catharsis ... (Geert Ryssen)